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Project description

The project was supported by the grant no.P202/10/1825 of the Czech Science Foundation (CSF), "PatOMat - Automation of Ontology Pattern Detection and Exploitation" (2010-2012). After the end of this grant, follow-up activities have been supported by the EU FP project LOD2 (in particular, its WP3 and WP4) and by the Czecho-Slovak bilateral project LAAOS ("Logical Aspects of Adaptable Ontological Schemas").

The goal of the project is to design a collection of formal models, computational methods, and implemented, freely available tools for ontological engineering, which would systematically exploit ontology pattern libraries. In particular, pattern-based transformations of OWL ontologies are being investigated.

In the end of the first year, 2010, the implemented PatOMat services system already allowed to apply transformation patterns from a small transformation pattern library related to papers EKAW10 (ontology matching scenario) and WOP10, and a few others.

In the middle of the second year, 2011, the services have also been available as a Java library, see the releases overview.

In the last year, 2012, a comfortable user interface to pattern-based transformation has been built under the name of GUIPOT.

Both the core PatOMat toolset and various specific use cases are described in papers accessible from the biblio page continuously updated with papers relevant to PatOMat topics, regardless the end of the specific CSF funding!