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The transformation framework aims to be versatile wrt. possible applications. However, the first prototype applications achieved are related to

  • import of ontology content patterns: a legacy ontology can be automatically transformed so as to comply with a generic best-practice pattern that is implanted as its root. The scenario is described in paper WOP10 and in the (ISWC11Demo) (functional implementation integrated into the XDTools system).
  • ontology downgrading to OWL2EL profile, with a web interface available.
  • detection of entity naming issues in the context of ontology repair by means of the ORE tool, see paper WoDOOM13.
  • canonicalization of a set of ontologies, so that they share their logical/structural patterns. The scenario has been applied on e-commerce ontologies using generic PatOMat tools such as GUIPOT, see paper EC-WEB13. In the same paper, also the scenario of transforming ontologies for them to comply with external conventions (here, those of linked data sources) has been explored.